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Forged in a fire far away from your home 
Sent here to live in a bag of skin and bone 
I want to know if I can affect your soul 
When the sound of my song reaches your ears 
Wind a blow 

That's a soft wind licking at your Kundalini fire 
Send your Spirit on a travel through space and time 
Take a look back down from your place on high
See the world and the way people live their lives 

Wake little child let me show you what it means
To live a lifetime on this earth is not as hopeless as it seems
Take a memory from the distance when you felt the mystery
You freeze the world and you rewind and know that everyone you see
Has got a place inside the circle, it's the cycle that we feed
I wonder if you could be you, imagine if you could be me
Maybe we'd treat each other better, maybe find a way to leave
I wanna go back to the One, I hope you wanna come with me

At any given moment where two people coincide 
You can see the light of love breaking through the cloudy sky 
Looking for the place where God resides 
And you're a wisp of cosmic smoke dancing in the night 

You better rise up for the reckoning 
The end of all this livin' comin' sooner than you think 
You been far from home for far too long 
But when confronted with a journey  man must heed the call 
We don't have to fuck, we don't have to fight
I feel a personal Jihad risin' up inside
We Born and we Live and then we Love and we Die
Food for the roots of the west coast pines

Your with your momma on the stoop she say she think it's gonna rain
And theres a rumble in the sky she takes your hand if you're afraid
Feel her squeeze and you return it, it's a secret game you play
Theres nothin' greater than this Love, I hope these memories never fade


from Dromos, released June 19, 2011


all rights reserved



The Sailing Tomatoes Greece

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