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released June 19, 2011

Giorgos Moutoukias - Bouzouki, Harmonica; Philipos Seinkman - Guitar; Vangelis Domanos - Drums; Theodoros Moutoukias - Bass; Petros Anagnostopoulos - Accordeon; Denis Dowling - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Percussion; Kerstin Weidner - Backing Vocals. All music written and arranged by The Sailing Tomatoes. Lyrics written by Denis Dowling


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The Sailing Tomatoes Greece

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Track Name: One Dollar Bill
I met a man from the seven seas
In the land of the brave and the home of the free
He got Greek ways and nefarious means
He say, "Give and forgive, and you get what you need"

Hey dreadlocks and dirty jeans
Yeah man, my hearts broke and its on my sleeve
Let's sail it away to the panama breeze
Where the Kuna dance on a white sand beach

…all night

I see people's confused and religion's the cause
All them Buddha and Allah and Jesus and Jah
I saw the truth on a bathroom wall
Passed a spliff up to a prophet in the very next stall

Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies
Be a broken watch wearing Father Time
If you pray to God, keep the Devil in mind
If you look upon the world with the eyes of a child
You can see…  

Just what all this means.

Theres a crushed Coke can in a fire that died
Like a good old boy, drinking whiskey and rye
Theres a one dollar bill at the end of the line
Where you lost a good friend over fucked up minds

Don't ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies
I'm a broken watch wearing Father Time
I pray to God with the devil in mind
Sometimes on the sea in the night I scream out loud
Track Name: The Way I Go
As we travel round and round
unbeknownced of where we're bound
Each man's heart is whispering
Ask him if he's listening

If it's a windy trip to Heaven
I guess I'll be alright
Darkest part of night arrive
Just before the dawn
And it's alright to love me
If you know that I must go
Sail the sea where few men roam
To see what's in my soul

Sailed in all her glory
Fast with all my faith
I don't know where I belong 
But the way I go is this
Haul upon her fury
Pass the way of grace
Windy trip is all I know
And Save me if I may

Hold on when She rises
Call down the men aloft
Bosun play your whistle strong
Don't make those widows walk
Hear the spars a groanin' 
Sheets are hard as stone
The men inside the fo'c's'le
Are all dreaming of their homes
Track Name: Late & Lonely
Late at night I feel lonely
God only knows about you

I feel alright in the daytime
Smile as the sun pass over my line
From time to time you drift through my mind
For a moment and it feels alright
But late at night I feel lonely
God only knows about you

You said I could go and I could do what I need
You'd be my rock while I could sway like a tree
The thing about trees is that the roots run deep
You were more like a stone rollin' away from me
So late at night I feel lonely
God only knows about you

I travel in the night while my body's asleep
To the banks of the river where our bridge used to be
Now the river runs dry and though I know what it means
My half a green heart finds it hard to believe
And late at night I feel lonely
God only knows about you
Track Name: Blow Them Down
It's mine to walk a lonely road, a dark and windy sea
There beneath the moonless sky the memories bring me peace
I've Been beyond the reach I swear the places I have seen
More magical and mystical than most men even dream

The Oceans of the ancient world are calling out to me
I was round before the earth and long before the sea
As I stand at night between the Ocean and the sky
My mind is free to wander and I spread my wings and fly

Blow them down Boys
Blow them Down

And back to dust to see the origin of species
Where life was but a struggle, a fermenting of the yeast
Consciousness has not withheld a single sound belief
Lessons lost in History have sown the seeds we reap

Time goes on the worse it gets, it's just a bigger feast
And flesh becomes a sacrilege with every evil deed
Fellowships and followers of something in between
Blood and bones gon' fill the land for men of broken dreams

Blow them down boys
Blow them down

Twenty days from Africa, the islands are a chain
The peoples lives who live on them resemble much the same
Centuries of white mans' ships have fallen there like rain
Still a song of Freedom's sung that someday things will change

From far and wide, I cannot find a place where I can hide
I see the way these people live is worse than how they die
Toiling for evil men who beckon their desires
If I were God, I'd drown them all or set them all on fire

Blow them down boys
Blow them down!
Track Name: She's Gone
I was lying in a daydream 'round the middle of the night
Thinking of the woman and I felt her by my side
Sent a message in a bottle, didn't seal it very well
It must've sunk along the way but she don't talk 
So I can't tell

She's Gone

Forget about the distance 
I don't care about the lies
She keeps the memories in a box
Sometimes she opens them and cries
She was seriously seasick
She was talkin' about God
I guess that all I really know is
She was here, and now She's Gone

Swollen Eyes and Broken Lives
Remember where you've been
Theres somethin' bigger than us all
I hope it comes your way again
If theres a reason for these rhymes
I wish She'd tell me what it is
It don't seem fair that she moved on
And left me back here wonderin'
Why She's gone

She's gone...

I Spend these nights in city lights
I cannot see the stars
But I reflect upon the sights I took
To find out where we are
Together at the time
You know the Heavens never lie
And when I die, I'll wake up wonderin'
How did our love go blind?
While She's gone

She's Gone...
Track Name: Jihad
Forged in a fire far away from your home 
Sent here to live in a bag of skin and bone 
I want to know if I can affect your soul 
When the sound of my song reaches your ears 
Wind a blow 

That's a soft wind licking at your Kundalini fire 
Send your Spirit on a travel through space and time 
Take a look back down from your place on high
See the world and the way people live their lives 

Wake little child let me show you what it means
To live a lifetime on this earth is not as hopeless as it seems
Take a memory from the distance when you felt the mystery
You freeze the world and you rewind and know that everyone you see
Has got a place inside the circle, it's the cycle that we feed
I wonder if you could be you, imagine if you could be me
Maybe we'd treat each other better, maybe find a way to leave
I wanna go back to the One, I hope you wanna come with me

At any given moment where two people coincide 
You can see the light of love breaking through the cloudy sky 
Looking for the place where God resides 
And you're a wisp of cosmic smoke dancing in the night 

You better rise up for the reckoning 
The end of all this livin' comin' sooner than you think 
You been far from home for far too long 
But when confronted with a journey  man must heed the call 
We don't have to fuck, we don't have to fight
I feel a personal Jihad risin' up inside
We Born and we Live and then we Love and we Die
Food for the roots of the west coast pines

Your with your momma on the stoop she say she think it's gonna rain
And theres a rumble in the sky she takes your hand if you're afraid
Feel her squeeze and you return it, it's a secret game you play
Theres nothin' greater than this Love, I hope these memories never fade
Track Name: Black Wind
See them in the color of the black wind rising
Tell them all the things they can't do now
Somewhere in the dark, there's children crying
Weak in the slumber of a dreamless night

See them on the hillside, oh they're fightin'
Lock them in the basement with the parasites
Woman in the window got a candle burnin'
House a little dark but the moon gonna rise

Strange the way
We all want to pray
Strange the way
We all bow down and pray

Take the cup and drink my blood
Take the bread and break it up
So that you may know my love
My body will be given up

Underneath the Bodhi tree
Eat the rice and let it breathe
Follow me into a sleepless dream
Greater things you gonna never see again

Strange the way
We all want to pray
Strange the way
We all bow down and pray

God, we've been calling but theres no way to reach you
You left us alone here with a choir to preach to
My brethren and me have got a lesson to teach you
You kicked us off of Grace and it's a hell of a long way down

It's a hell of a long way down
Track Name: State of Devastation
State of devastation all over the world
State of devastation all over the world
State of devastation all over the world
'Morrow let the humans come
Tomorrow let the humans come

It's a long road to travel if you don't know how
If you get too high, it's gonna be a long way down
Love the feel of silence, but I hate the way it sounds
Listen to the room speaking to you

As I state the devastation all over the world
State your devastation all over the world
State the devastation all over the world
'Morrow let the humans come
Tomorrow let the humans come

State of devastation all over the world
State the devastation all over the world
State your devastation all over the world
'Morrow let the humans come
Tomorrow let the humans come

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